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  1. Stefano Gamba says:

    Hi! My congratulations for your new site!
    You’re the best saxophone teacher I’ve ever met on the Net (I’m a teacher too, but I teach to those pupils needing a special education).
    Thank you for all your patience!
    Stefano Gamba – Alessandria, Italy

    Tenor Sax: Holton 241
    Mouthpiece: Brilhart Ebolin 3*

  2. Williams Moza says:


    Awesome site, tonnes of material that i hadn’t seen in many years. Great refresher!


  3. Neva Odell says:

    Please review your Getting Started 4 page. It appears to need some attention. This site is a real improvement over your old one. You’re the best sax teacher I have seen on the web. I appreciate your loyalty to your students in the Cloud. I started playing tenor sax a couple of years ago. I got sick and had to stop for about a year and a half. Now I am picking it up again. I have to start at the beginning, but that’s ok. Your site has been very inspirational and useful for me. I mostly wanted to say thanks.

  4. Nanziwe Carpenter says:

    Thank you for the wonderful help to a new beginner.

  5. kymbro mochizuki says:

    You have a wonderful site with tonnes of advice and information. I am really impressed with the fingering chart for the visually impaired! Thank You for taking the time to put that together.