The personal website of Alastair Ingram
Alexander Superial. I believe these are the finest reeds available.

This is in French, but you will find it’s loaded with transcribed solos.
Jamey Aebersold Jazz, Inc. If you want to learn how to improvise, this is the place to go.
On line and catalog store. Great prices, good company, I’ve used them many times.
Every sax player should check this one out.  Harri Rautiainen’s site posts articles by some of the top professionals.
A great site by Keith Gemmell. The name says it all. Highly recommended!
My teaching studio in Santa Rosa, Ca.
An excellent site from New Jersey saxophonist, Skip Spratt.
The place to buy, sell, and trade your sax. Plus a full line of accessories & repair packages.
The International Saxophone Home Page.
Theo Wanne is an expert mouthpiece technician. He is producing some of the best mouthpieces on the market today. His mouthpiece heaven site is a great source of information about vintage mouthpieces.