Hi there, welcome to In this site I hope you will find all you need to get started playing the Saxophone.  There is also some information for the intermediate and advanced player as well.  I have tried to cover all aspects of Saxophone pedagogy, instruction and lessons for learning to read music, a section on music theory, scales and melodic patterns, useful links to other sites.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Saxophone playing or music theory or just music in general.

Just a few things to say about my site and why I built it.  I am a firm believer that spending time learning and studying the basics and learning to read music well is the fast way to learn how to play any musical instrument.  I have had several students bring up the subjects, and I have read some posts in the Sax newsgroup, (, about whether it is all that important to learn how to read music.  You could spend a very long time trying to figure it out on your own and still be in the same place you were years ago when you first began.  Not knowing how to read and not knowing the basics well is resigning yourself to a very lonely musical life!  No matter what your aspirations are, do yourself a favor and learn to read well and correctly.  Everything is written down out there, from “Happy Birthday” to John Coltrane solos and more.

I am often asked to recommend a good student model horn. In my opinion, the best student model alto saxophone is the Yamaha YAS 23. Click on the picture on the left to purchase this fine saxophone.

First of all, for those of you who are puzzled as to where to place your fingers, here’s a couple of pictures showing the correct hand position.

I also have three photos of labeled sax keys.

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